Chicken (1kg)


Very Fresh meat produced from Poultry fowl. Chicken contains dozens of health-promoting nutrients that we need in our daily diet.

Chicken can be used to cook various kinds of meals from delicious stews to yummy soups and lots more. you can also enjoy it as pepper soup or barbecue.

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Chicken is the most popular of white meats.  It’s inexpensive and quick to prepare.  Plus it can be served in a variety of ways (chicken pepper soup, stews and delicious native soups are just a few favorites.)  But that’s not all! team wants you to remember that the health benefits of eating chicken are just as numerous.

1.   Rich in Protein –  It’s a great source of lean, low fat protein which contribute to muscle growth and development.  That protein also helps support a healthy body weight and aids weight loss.

2.   Good for the Heart  –  Eating chicken breast suppresses and controls a body’s homocysteine amino acid levels which, if too high, can lead to cardiovascular disease.

3.   Plenty of Phosphorus  –  They’re rich in phosphorus, an essential mineral that supports your teeth and bones, as well as kidney, liver, and central nervous system function.

4.   Abundant in Selenium  –  Provides this essential mineral involved in metabolic performance  in other words thyroid, hormone, metabolism, and immune function.

5.   Boosts Metabolism  –  Vitamin B6 (or B-complex vitamins) in chicken will keep blood vessels healthy, energy levels high, and metabolism burning away calories so you can manage a healthy weight..

6.   Rich in Niacin  –  Another B-vitamin, niacin helps guard against cancer and other forms of genetic (DNA) damage.

7.   Natural Anti-depressant  –  If you’re feeling depressed, eating some poultry will increase the serotonin amino acid  levels in your brain, enhancing your mood, blasting stress, and lulling you to sleep.

8.   Promotes Eye Health  –  An excellent source of retinol, alpha and beta-carotene, and lycopene (all derived from vitamin A) and all vital for healthy eyesight.

9.   Essential for Healthy Tissue  –  Riboflavin (or Vitamin B2), found in chicken livers, will drastically reduce your skin problems and repair dry or damaged skin.

10.   Prevents Bone Loss  –  If you’re entering your senior years and you’re concerned about Osteoporosis or arthritis, eating chicken will aid in your fight against bone loss thanks to the protein punch it packs!


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