Goat Meat (1/2 Kg)


Very fresh meat produced from Goat.

Goat meant can be used to cook various kinds of meals from delicious stews to yummy egusi soup and lots more. you can also enjoy it as nkwobi or ngwo-ngwo.

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  • Goat meat contains CLA, selenium and chlorine which are known to prevent cancer and helps avoid inflammation.
  • Goat meat contains many anti-inflammatory benefits, and eating Goat meat regularly may also lower your risk of inflammation in the blood vessels, while it can also stabilize the heartbeat. It is advised to eat goat meat to avoid coronary heart disease, but stay away from the fat if possible (obviously).
  • Goat meat also is high in Vitamin B, which helps burn fat. It is lower in saturated fat than beef, and is high in protein, making it perfect for those on a diet!
  • It is also good for pregnant ladies out there, as eating the meat helps prevent anemia, while it also does the same for menstruating women. It also helps improve blood circulation and even can prevent birth defects
  •  The meat is also high in Omega 3 fatty acids, whilst it is also low in potassium and sodium! This helps prevent kidney disease and even strokes!
  • Goat meat even contains high levels of calcium, making it good for development of bones in our body.
  • you can order for your fresh goat meat from ogbete.com.ng at the best price and fastest delivery within Enugu.


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